About Us
We focus on supplying high quality produce and exceptional service to you

Our history

Kiwi Success Trading Co. Ltd was established in 2009 by our two directors David Briant and Henry Dods, the owners of Kiwi Suucess's parent companies. David Briant has a wealth of experience running his family farm, a company called Briant Farms Ltd, growing squash, grapes, seed maize and livestock. Henry Dods runs own his company, H Pak Ltd established in 2001. He grows squash, sweetcorn, oranges. 

Originally Kiwi Success was a buttercup squash exporter, however, our business range has been rapidly expanding since then, we now handle a wide range of products for local and international markets. 













Kiwi Success supports its growers and Mother Nature

We are truly blessed to be based in the beautiful Gisborne area which also provides us with high sunshine hours, rich heavy clay soil to hold lots of moisture for crops, ideal temperature gaps between morning and night bringing crisp night air and hot sunny days.  The perfect conditions for our business.  We are also so fortunate to work with fantastic suppliers in our region and we promote cooperation with each one helping the other to product fine products.  For example, we have a honey supplier, squash suppliers and a hay supplier. Our honey supplier sets up their beehives on our squash grower’s paddocks to help with pollination. Our squash growers supply reject squash to animal farmers. Our hay supplier helps our vegetable growers by providing a crop rotation that rejuvenates the land. We take care of our local suppliers and make the most of the amazing Gisborne environment to bring you the best produce that we can.