NZ Sake Club
Experience the luxury of drinking high quality Sake in New Zealand!

NZ Sake Club

Members of our social networking club will enjoy learning about Sake, Japanese food and the rich culture and history of Japan.  Excellent, high quality Sake tastes purely delicious and the neutral flavour beautifully compliments and brings out the flavours of a meal. Enjoying excellent quality Sake at home is such luxurious and unique treat for any special occasion.

Sake is still new to New Zealand, so there isn’t a lot of information available in our society and we hope to change that. Not all Sakes were created equal and unfortunately an inferior Sake can mean a less than pleasant taste experience.  Don’t let this make you miss out on an amazing taste experience, let us guide you into choosing a high-quality Sake and enjoy a cultural delight enjoyed for centuries by the Samurais. 


To be a NZ Sake club member, you must;

  • Be over 20 years old
  • Love Japanese food
  • Be interested in the Japanese culture





Masatomo Takahashi: