Buttercup Squash
Buttercup squash is our main product. We export approximately 10,000 metric tonnes to overseas markets every year.

Kiwi Success's Buttercup squash

Our squash growers have extensive experience  in growing squash, some of them are second generation squash growers and they grow their product with passion and pride.  


There are two different varieties of Buttercup squash, a wet type and dry type. The wet type is used for a wide range of dishes such as roasts, soups, sauces. On the other hand, the dry type squash is a premium squash that is generally sweeter with a lovely nutty flavour.


Delica (wet type)             available from Jan – March

Kuriyutaka 7 (dry type)   available from Feb – March

Ajihei (dry type)               available from Feb - March



Masa’s grade (Dry type) available from Feb - June

Masa’s grade is a cured dry type squash. We store the sweet nutty flavoured squash for at least 3 weeks to raise the brix level and intensify flavour. It is a super-premium squash.


Buttercup Squash