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Kiwi Success is a Japanese Food and goods Importer

We select and import unique Japanese food and other goods that will delight your palate and can help a restaurant to stand out from the crowd.  Our experts will be happy to provide you with extensive details about our Japanese products, including the processes used to produce the goods and some interesting history regarding its production and cultural significance.

Kimuraya Smoked Daikon Radish Pickle

Kimuraya's Smoked Daikon Radish Pickle called Iburigakko in Japanese is a famous preserved food from Akita prefecture, Japan. 

There is no artificial preservative or colouring used (only natural ingredients are used). Everyone can enjoy it, including vegans and vegetarians.


Vacuum packed shelf stable product

Ingredients: Daikon radish, salt, rice bran, sugar, hydrogenated glucose                         syrup, brewed vinegar

Allergen:      Not applicable, gluten free

Store:            Cool and dry place

Sato Yosuke Inaniwa Udon (Japanese pasta without egg)

Sato Yosuke has been making these udon noodles by hand for nearly 150 years. The process takes 3 days to complete and the noodles are so highly regarded that they have been purchased by the Japanese Imperial household. It is one of the most famous udon in Akita region and Japan.

The udon has an air hole in the middle, which makes it comfortable chewiness with clarity colour

Dried noodle

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Starch, Salt

Allergen:      Wheat

Store:           Cool, dry place

Sake Yamamoto Pure Black Jyunmai Ginjyo 720ml

The sake brewing business ‘Yamamoto’ was established in 1901 in the northern region of Japan called Shirakami Sanchi in Akita Japan which is famous for being a UNESCO World Heritage mountain site. Yamamoto brewery uses the natural spring water from Shirakami to make their sake.


Tasting note

Using natural spring water from Shirakami Sanchi in Akita Japan, a UNESCO World Heritage mountain site Yamamoto's sake has phenomenal purity, subtle citrus to the nose, a clean refreshing palate and a finish like Samurai sword. Enjoy the result of the master Yamamoto’s passion for sake.

Ingredients: Rice, Rice Koji, water

15% Alc/Vol    

Premium Japanese Green tea Kobataen Kyoto – Est. 1780

Kobataen was established in 1780, only focus on supplying high quality Japanese tea. High quality green tea tastes natural sweetness and low bitterness, which Kobataen’ s tea has and the taste has not been changed since their established year that means for the long time ago, Sumrai and Geisha would have enjoyed the tea.

Hoji cha

It is made from fermented green tea leaves, containing little caffeine so everyone includes children can enjoy this tea and it won’t keep you up at night.

Taste: its taste is very different to normal green tea, is very mild.


Genmai cha

This tea contains green tea leaves and roasted grains of brown rice. (Genmai means brown rice in Japanese by the way) Because Japan is an Island, the culture has developed independently. You might wonder how came up with brown rice and green tea leaves! However, it works really well and you will find very soon its uniqueness and lovey nutty flavour after pouring hot water.

Taste: unique combination of nutty taste and smooth green tea.