Kiwi Success is NZ’s Fine Produce Exporter and Wholesale Premium Food Distributor

Here at Kiwi Success we focus on supplying high quality produce and exceptional service to you.  We maintain strict quality control standards ensuring that we don’t just send out excellent products but that you get them while still at their best fresh!  We partner with experienced local growers and packhouses that harvest the produce at just the right time and take great care when it comes to handling and shipping the goods.  Because we have such a great team, we are able to harvest, wash, grade, pack and ship our produce within a very short time, delivering fresh, high quality produce in excellent condition to you.

Buttercup Squash

Buttercup squash is our main product. We export approximately 10,000 metric tonnes to overseas markets every year.

Meyer lemons and Other citrus

An ideal climate for citrus.

Japanese food and goods

We import high quality Japanese products and goods