Pauariki Honey

Kiwi Success exports Pauariki honey overseas. Pauariki Honey Ltd is located on the East Coast of Gisborne, New Zealand, an area where plenty of lush native New Zealand bush is growing.

Honey taste varies from place to place because each site has a variety of flower types, an excelled amount of sunshine hours, and with Gisborne being a coastal town, perhaps the secret ingredient may be the salt in air, collected by the bees when the beehives are close to beaches. The Pauariki Honey company pours their honey batch by batch, which means you can enjoy seasonal variations and unique taste of the local honey. I hope you like our style.

Manuka honey

Packed in 300g glass/plastic jars

Bulk honey

Bulk multi-floral Manuka honey
900kg/per pallet (24 buckets)


We have local native flower honey such as Tawari and Rewarewa. Also, we have wild-flower honey from nectar collected from various local flowers. Bulk jars are available.